water softener leaking bypass valve

Your go-to resource for water filter guides, tips, and advice to purify city or well water before consuming it. And depending on how big a leak, can be a serious problem. 8. Whes30 - this softener leaks where the plastic bypass valve connects to the valve body. If it was installed properly, then you will be able to rule the air gap out. How to Tell If Your Water Softener Is Working? Check the meter if the is no longer moving you may have isolated the leak to your If so, then you have a leaking flapper valve. You will need to check for blockage that may have caused the cracking or just replace the drain line altogether. Although leaks are for the most part uncommon, if you do experience a leak one of the following is most likely the cause: If your water softener system is leaking, be sure to first use the bypass valve to temporarily turn the water softener off so that water will not be running through the unit, minimizing any leak damage and isolating the unit from the rest of the building’s water supply piping. s.channel = "Service_Support"; Kinetico Bypass (Old Style) Most leaks are the result of installation issues. On the other end, attach the Now open the bypass valve SLOWLY. The seal is supposed to be done by o-rings on the male bypass valve sliding into the female valve body held in place by black clips but the joints are leaking. If you are hiring out then the labor for a professional who has all the knowledge and can repair it in 10 minutes will charge for an entire hour or two of their time to ensure that no hiccups happen that cause more issues. The valve is the softener. The bypass valve is usually white plastic and will have the water inlet/outlet supply lines connected. Timer Control Water leaking from valve Solution: Before you start to service a valve, make sure it is in the service position.

If it is cracked, you will need to replace it. It is located at the top rear of the water softener. Give us a call and we can help repair the water damage to your home and property caused by your water softener. Should I Call A Professional to Fix the Water Softener Leak? Figure 4. Just make sure you disconnect power and turn off the water to it so that you can do the repair and swap out the hoses. Bypass Directions. Ge – Heating Cincinnati, Heating Northern Kentucky …, ← Water Softener Regeneration Cycle Times, How to Know if Your Water Softener Is Working. C. Check for leaking fixtures that may be exhausting capacity or system is undersized … Get Document, Water Specialist 1 Control Valve Series Model: WS1Bypass Valve If water is available on the outlet side of the softener it is an indicat ion of water bypass around the system If the fitting is leaking tightening the nut will not stop the leak. Open the inlet handle of the bypass valve very slightly allowing water to fill the tank slowly in order to expel air. Check If the triangle is no longer moving, you have isolated the leak to your softener. + [FAQ Included]. B. Check to make sure that the drain line has the proper amount of air gap and was correctly installed. Common Culprit #2: O-Rings In Bypass Valve Another potential cause of a water softener leaking from the top is defective bypass valve o-rings. How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Water Softener? Every Culligan water softener that we install has a bypass valve. Make sure the drain line is not blocking the flow of the brine line and causing the overflow. The installer is also responsible for transformer wiring connections and power supply. Common Water Softener Leaking – Reasons And Solutions, Water Softener Resin Tank Leaking from Bottom. … View This Document, CHECKING FOR WATER LEAKS – Elwood Village ClerkTurn the lever to allow water to bypass the softener. The older the system you have, the higher the chance that this will be the issue. … Access Doc, FINDING AND FIXING LEAKS – Palmdale Water DistrictTurn the lever to allow water to bypass the softener.

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