what food goes well with green tea

To this day, I look forward to the fall just for the food. Smoky Black Teas:Smoky black teas are predominantly from China and are a result of the manufacturing process. White tea has a natural sweetness which is accentuated when combined with foods that lack this natural sweetness. Starting with the lightest oolong, the Wenshan Bao Zhong from Tillerman Tea had some flavor notes similar to green tea in that it was vegetal, tasting a bit like steamed greens but also had a hint of floral. Use this chart as a guide to pick the best flavor match.

They’re paired best with light meats like chicken. Loved reading your post! What I really got out of this pairing was that almost any food will go great with oolong if there’s a little honey; It intensifies the oolongs and brings out the best characteristics of the tea. When Sara, Georgia, and I were figuring out what to pair oolong tea with, fall fruit just seemed like a great match — it’s fresh, seasonal, and goes great with oolong tea. Smoky green tea doesn’t go well with sweets as it brings out the bitterness of the tea. Issues Related by Summer Heat, Vanilla Ice Cream, Wafer Cookies, Macaron, Chocolate, Taiyaki (Waffle-like snack with red bean filling), Azuki Bean Paste, Sweet Potato, Milk Chocolate, Seafood, California roll. The sweetness and smokiness tend to swing the balance of flavor from one extreme to the other, creating an interesting dynamic. These stronger green teas have an astringent quality which is very helpful to cut through some of the light greasy mouth-feel left behind by pan-fried chicken or turkey.

Our exposure to good quality loose-leaf teas is increasing, with these same establishments offering a higher quality and diverse selection of teas, not to mention the great selection of high quality Shanti teas our customers have at home as well, right? Earthy and malty Black Teas:Earthy black teas are usually from Yunnan in China or Africa, while malty black teas are usually from India. Oolong tea is between a green tea and a black tea in terms of how it’s processed so I like to refer to it as the Goldilocks of tea — it’s not too light and not too strong. We cupped three oolongs: Wenshan Bao Zhong, Tie Guan Yin (Iron Goddess), and Xiao Hong Pao (Little Red Robe). Ginger and green tea go together like bread and butter. Although the exact specific variety of tea chosen to match a meal becomes more and more of a personal choice once you are familiar with many varieties of tea, there are some basic categorical guidelines which you can follow if you are new to tea and food pairing. I don’t love the shorter and cooler days of fall but I do love the food it brings.
Hi Georgia, we do! BETTER Matcha Latte than anything Starbucks has to offer, Tea Master Who Makes Shade-Grown Tea in Japan, Ancient Ayurveda: New Insights for Wellness, Drink This Tea to Tame G.I. The persimmon with its sweetness went really well, especially with the honey. Please let us know with a comment below, or on our facebook community page. This range of teas also combines will with pan-fried chicken or turkey, and some lighter styles of pizza. On the hike, we would spot chestnuts that fell off the trees and my cousins would help me peel off the spiky outer layers. Have fun with discovering new flavors. In general, the subtle, vegetative flavor and aroma of most green tea is well suited to mild or subtly-flavored foods, such as seafood, rice, salads, melon or chicken.

Teas which are flavored and blended, like strawberry white or cherry sencha, would transcend some of the above categorization and can apply to various types of foods. These teas are so intense that they would be best accompanied by equally intense foods. When considering including a white tea in combination with food, it is best to choose a very light food with very light flavors. The tannins in black tea help to cleanse this feeling and accentuate the sweetness of the food. These teas are excellent when combined with sweet desserts, thick pastries, or any foods that leave a thick residual mouth-feel. The general characteristics described above, however, should give you a good starting point when trying to figure out how to pair tea with food. Nice…! Dark oolongs go very well with smoked meats as well, and meat-based appetizer plates. Personally, I would not really consider a light oolong as a meal accompaniment so much as a snack accompaniment. Very similar in color to the previous oolong, it was nice and roasty, full bodied and had a sweeter finishing note. Fruity Green Tea: Fruity green tea is mostly associated with India or Sri Lanka. Generally speaking, pure un-blended white tea produces a very light infusion.
Why are Gyokuro & Matcha from Sakamoto tea farm superior? We got them from mochi-Rin, who makes the most freaking adorable and delicious little bites. When enjoying some of the better dining establishments in town, you will usually see your menu items accompanied by a wine suggestion – and it definitely makes a difference!

It's popular for a reason, though: it's delicious. Thanks for sharing…! Smoky green teas do not go well with sweetened foods, as these foods will bring out the bitterness of the tea. For those who like the sweet & salty combination, light salted snacks like crackers, baked chips, etc would go quite well, but I would stay away from fried foods as light oolongs lack the astringency to cut through the greasiness of fried foods. Tea selection is just as important. Mash the avocado with a little chilli paste and a squeeze of lime or lemon juice.

This was the most intense of the three and it went well with the persimmons but it paired perfectly with the plums. We make beautiful messes! Green tea goes really well in general with rice so we paired it with mochi, a Japanese sweet rice cake. Tea Pairing 101: Oolong and Fruit by Sara they go especially well with fish like salmon, trout, bass, etc. Although The fruity green teas are good with light meats, they are not good for greasy or deep-fried meats; combine with baked chicken or turkey rather than pan-fried. We added a touch more sweetness by having it with comb honey. Each rating and review is rewarded with 5 Karma Points, which you can accumulate and use towards purchasing tea!

Green tea is great for you anyway, and the lemon gives you all that Vitamin C! Thinking of this tea pairing hack, soft cheese and honey paired with oolong would be amazing. Examples of food to pair with smoky green tea are chicken, turkey, light stir-fry, root vegetables, and light style pizzas. Please login or create an account in order to post a review and rating. We added a touch more sweetness by having it with comb honey. Fruit salads would not be recommended with white tea as the natural sweetness of the fruits will diminish the pleasant flavors of the white tea. As some of these teas are really an acquired taste, the proper food paring in this case usually results from the other acquired tastes you might enjoy. Would you like to learn how to pair matcha tea and green tea? Salad dressing will definitely overwhelm white tea. Morning Green Tea (Fukamushi Sencha Lemongrass) Havarti, Brie, Smoked Blue: French, Thai: Sweet Green Tea (Kukicha Lavender) Smoked Blue: Cheese Cake, White Chcolate: MATCHA+ (with Ginseng and Guarana) Emmental, Swiss: Chinese, Seafood: Evening Green Tea (Hojicha) Cheddar, Smoked Gouda: Red Meat, Chinese, French: Hojicha 2 (Hojicha loose leaf coated with Hojicha powder) For example, you might enjoy combining a white tea with an undressed basic salad.

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