what makes a good record label

Record label logos and their contact information once figured prominently in the center of vinyl records, which is how labels such as Arista, Capitol, and Epic became household names. Since 2005, Yossi Amoyal has run the Sushitech label, home to luminaries such as Delano Smith and Steve O’Sullivan. Harmonia Mundi, Hyperion, and Alpha do tend to be well recorded but sometimes can be hit and miss. Is a desire to take control of the release process sufficient justification for launching a label?

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The music industry is changing rapidly, there is always a need for forward-thinking record labels. Digital music can be released in your sleep and even pressing a small vinyl run is a fairly straightforward process. While an increasing number of artists have chosen to sign with independent labels during the past few years, many still hope to make it big by getting in with major record labels that are universally respected and highly profitable. - Einstein. +1 for Linn and Hyperion. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website.

The day-to-day process, at least. I'd agree that labels do tend to have a "house sound".

I’ve always been a student of occult, quantum physics, new age philosophies and the esoteric, so we’re playing with these ideas very subtly through the label.” Of course, it will take the passage of time and arrival of a few releases for these concepts to be implanted on the brains of those who buy Ultramajic releases, but if you don’t start right, you ain’t gonna end right. For Midland, currently enjoying the success of release 001 on his newly minted Graded, it was “just a desire to present my music in the way I want to, with an emphasis on distinctive artwork and a collectable vinyl product.

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Establish A Brand Look.

Many Telarc and Reference Recordings albums I have heard have a powerful bass sound that I've never heard live, and rarely on recordings by "non-audiophile" labels. I do a search in that file to find out what I said or did in the past. What that means essentially that at normal playback levels I usually worry for the first 30 seconds if the recording really has started already (it has but is barely audible). Can anyone point me in the right direction? Often the record label's decisions are prudent ones from a commercial perspective, but these decisions may … Of the labels mentioned above, I had the best % of good performances on Harmonia Mundi (they really have an excellent choice of artists).

Until only a few years years ago, BIS recorded in 24/44 PCM, while 24/96 was already the standard. They are historical journals, forever setting in stone musical trends, format fetishes and other signs of the times.

A successful record label will seek out new talent, pay for the recording and mixing of albums, underwrite tours, and provide promotion and marketing services to their stable of artists.

But if great music doesn’t necessarily make a great label, what other factors determine the success or failure of an imprint? “For us it’s an advantage to have a really slick physical product because we want to create monumental statements.”, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams concur on the importance of image: “Originally we had planned to just do white labels with no stamp and no info at all, but we thought after a while that would get boring for us and also, from my own personal experience working in Rubadub, white label records with no art tend to end up stuffed behind other releases on the wall, so we wanted something that would stand out on a record store wall and would be instantly recognisable.”, Not every label is conceived with such forethought, though. You will need to be an actual, legal business if you want a business bank account or credit card, and it certainly makes tax time a lot more manageable. The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious.

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