who is the fastest superhero

Quick silver is faster than the flash or any other super hero or villain. Each one of them can travel at ridiculous speeds. How many superheroes can you name? Like many of the greats, The Flash had a partner in crime that helped him beat up the bad guys. And, ironically, Kid Flash is faster (in some comic book universes) than the regular Flash. Their speed has been calculated using miles per second (mps). SPECTRUM. Superman is a given in this conversation. A human eye can blink as quickly as 1/3 of a second. With that, here’s a look at the ten fastest superheroes. Technically, Living Lightning is known as Miguel Santo. Savitar is the fastest so barry is slow compared to this guy, This guy is fast and he was chasing a speedster and the speedster had to trap him in a bank vault because he was going so fast and the people he was chasing was using a time travel machine and he jumps through time, To me since impulse is the grandson of flash so he is the fastest of all time. Last guy who said: that is way faster then flash. Flash first godspeed 15th its suppose to be god speed it's the last flash enemy in the series he can outrun all of the enemy's and heroes. He can move to places with a thought without even knowing. Whether it was the production quality of the movie or the perspective take on the story, the film failed to generate much of a buzz in theaters. The character of Sentry is a unique and fascinating one. And with new speedy additions arriving in the comics and movies all the time, the list of fast superheroes continues to grow. Superman is a given in this conversation. Hello! Carol Danvers entered the Air Force, only to have her whole world shaken up when she was recruited by the CIA. He has the Ki of gods and he has the ability to double his speed and strength by using Kaio-ken. Superman can go as fast as he wants to. He’s one of those superheroes who would be an excellent character study for an in-depth and emotional superhero film. Pietro is essentially Marvel’s answer to the Flash. 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Sonic can travel at speeds from about 2000-3000 mph which is really fast. He’s the Scarlet Speedster and, arguably, the most iconic character to don the red and gold costume. RELATED: 10 Greatest Superhero Origin Movies, According To IMDb. They both travel at insane speeds, and you can also count Aurora on this list right next to Northstar. RELATED: 10 Superhero Movie Trailers Better Than The Film. If you’ve heard of the Avengers, you probably have also run into Quicksilver. And, here’s the twist: Supergirl is older than Superman! Why? Is way faster then flash, should be at the top! Although you probably haven’t heard of him, Northstar is of Canadian descent. Not only is he Fast but his also the Strongest of all the hero's. And he can get there quicker when flying. Aliens. And if Mjolnir isn't available, Thor can always trust his faithful goats Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder to carry him quickly through the Nine Realms. I am a huge Cleveland sports fan, as well as a huge tennis and wrestling fan (WWE). But there is no limit to Superman's speed. Known by a multitude of names, alter egos, and personas, she possesses a variety of skills that would make any superhero jealous. That’s pretty fast for a superhero who generally gets cast aside as a joke. Plenty of heroes make a name for themselves based on their sheer might. Godspeed is one of the speedsters that is faster than flash. He's the fastest ever. One of the cooler powers Makkari has is his ability to completely control his mind. Faster than Supergirl, it would be an interesting race none-the-less between the two. I earned my B.S. Flash is way fast to be able to travel through time and he is super cool. He’s also performed other feats in the other Superman films that would make your jaw drop. Quick silver is still learning from flash. Since the advent of superheroes, one debate, among others, has never been settled: is super-strength better than superspeed, or is it the other way around? His origin story is a sad one (as most superhero stories are) due to the death of his parent’s in a fiery car crash. Quicksilver appeared in the second Avengers film, Age of Ultron. He doesn’t age and is immune to almost every disease. After being bestowed these powers by fate, he joined the Avengers West Coast. I currently reside in Nashport, OH. The two heroes will likely continue to battle for the title of "Fastest Man Alive". After an accident, he gained the powers of lightning (hence the name).

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