why can alkenes form polymers

The commonly used version is isotactic poly(propene). © Jim Clark 2003 (modified September 2015).

CnH2n. It also looks briefly at how the structure of the polymers affects their properties and uses. Most technically important polymerizations of alkenes occur by chain mechanisms and may be classed as anion, cation, or radical reactions, depending upon the character of the chain-carrying species. A bit of the isotactic poly(propene) chain looks like this: This very regular arrangement of the CH3 groups makes it possible for the chains to pack close together and so maximise the amount of van der Waals bonding between them. Cold-drawing is an important physical treatment that improves the strength and appearance of these polymer fibers. around the world. These catalysts work by totally different mechanisms from the high pressure process used to make low density poly(ethene). You can show this using curved arrow notation (with single-headed “fish-hook” arrows) if you want to: This is energetically worth doing because the new bond between the radical and the carbon is stronger than the [latex] \pi [/latex] bond which is broken. An addition reaction is one in which two or more molecules join together to give a single product. 619 views In contrast to chain-growth polymers, most of which grow by carbon-carbon bond formation, step-growth polymers generally grow by carbon-heteroatom bond formation (C-O & C-N in Dacron & Nylon respectively). Cuomo to Trump: 'All I wanted was for you to get well' ESPN host receives support after sharing hate message. PTFE has a relatively high melting point of 327°C and is very resistant to chemical attack. . This is made under quite different conditions from low density poly(ethene). Organic peroxides are very reactive molecules containing oxygen-oxygen single bonds which are quite weak and which break easily to give free radicals. Answer: The electrons in the weak p-bonds can be used to form strong s bonds to other monomer units. Look for the letters HDPE near the recycling symbol. Alkanes, alkenes, alcohols and carboxylic acids are different homologous series of organic compounds. He formulated a, , based on a repeating isoprene unit (referred to as a monomer). Step-growth polymerization is also used for preparing a class of adhesives and amorphous solids called epoxy resins. This makes it useful in the chemical and food industries to coat vessels and make them resistant to almost everything which might otherwise corrode them.

Many natural materials—such as proteins, cellulose and starch, and complex silicate minerals—are polymers. Earlier in this tutorial we looked at the structure of a group of hydrocarbons called the alkenes.One example is the molecule ethene.The structural formula of ethene is shown in the figure below.

Examples of naturally occurring condensation polymers are cellulose, the polypeptide chains of proteins, and poly(β-hydroxybutyric acid), a polyester synthesized in large quantity by certain soil and water bacteria. The reaction is done at high pressures in the presence of a trace of oxygen as an initiator. . The other electron returns to the right hand carbon. This cold-drawing procedure organizes randomly oriented crystalline domains, and also aligns amorphous domains so they become more crystalline. Alkenes are unsaturated hydrocarbons, meaning they don't have all the hydrogen that they could do, because of the double bond between some of the carbons.

More than half the compounds produced by the chemical industry are synthetic polymers. Alkenes are unsaturated compounds because they contain at least one double covalent bond. If the diagram above is unfamiliar to you, then you certainly ought to read this background material. The polyester Dacron and the polyamide Nylon 66, shown here, are two examples of synthetic condensation polymers, also known as step-growth polymers. Atactic poly(propene) is much softer with a lower melting point. Because of the way the chlorine atoms stick out from the chain at random, and because of their large size, it is difficult for the chains to lie close together. These are called isotactic, atactic and syndiotactic poly(propene). This cold-drawing treatment may also be used to treat polymer films (e.g. Imagine what happens if a free radical approaches the [latex] \pi [/latex] bond in ethene. It doesn't matter which carbon you attach the chlorine to in the original molecule. Low density poly(ethene) has quite a lot of branching along the hydrocarbon chains, and this prevents the chains from lying tidily close to each other. Notice that all the atoms—two carbon atoms and four hydrogen atoms—of each monomer molecule are incorporated into the polymer structure. If you follow this link, you will need to use the BACK button on your browser to return to this page. Polyacrylates suffer thermal degradation and are therefore spun from solution in a volatile solvent. You may have come across this under the brand names of Teflon or Fluon. It has uses in packaging - for example, in plastic film for shrink wrapping food. This is the common form of poly(propene) which is used to make plastic crates and ropes amongst many other things. However, pure poly(chloroethene) tends to be rather hard and rigid. The exact question is: - Alkanes, such as butane (C2H10) do not form polymers. This contrasts with elastomeric polymers, for which the stretched or aligned morphology is unstable relative to the amorphous random coil morphology. The type of the free radicals that start the reaction off vary depending on their source.

There are all sorts of other catalysts constantly being developed. Sooner or later two free radicals will collide together.

Under large amounts of energy - from heat and pressure specifically - the double bond in the alkene can open and …

The more energy that is given out, the more stable the system becomes.

Nevertheless, the polymer clearly forms by a step-growth process. In an ethene molecule, CH2=CH2, the two pairs of electrons which make up the double bond aren’t the same. The chains are rather rod-like, and can lie closely together rather like pencils in a box. Notice that the double bonds are all replaced by single bonds in the process. Many of the reactions involved in these polymerizations are acyl substitution reactions, which will be covered in detail in chapter 22. See all questions in Introduction to Reactions and Mechanisms. It is used, for example, in road paint, in making roofing materials like "roofing felt", and in some sealants and adhesives. In a simple equation form, this is normally written as: You have got to remember that the diagrams above are 2-dimensional. You will need to use the BACK BUTTON on your browser to come back here afterwards. Poly(chloroethene) is commonly known by the initials of its old name, PVC. In atactic poly(propene) the CH3 groups are orientated randomly along the chain. If you might be asked about this in an exam, it is essential that you find out what your examiners want by looking at past papers and mark schemes. What is the formula for alkene. Syndiotactic poly(propene) is a relatively new material and is another regularly arranged version of poly(propene). Formulas for these will be displayed below by clicking on the diagram. The more plasticiser you add, the more flexible it becomes. It would be helpful – but not essential – if you read about the structure of ethene before you went on. Prior to the early 1920’s, chemists doubted the existence of molecules having molecular weights greater than a few thousand. Properties and uses. Just be consistent on both sides of the equation. Alkenes are compounds containing a Carbon-Carbon double bond. You can see the double bond opening in the image to form polyethene, a common plastic.

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