yugioh soulburner character

Flame saw Blue Girl continued to develop herself. [19], Lightning revealed that Jin's consciousness had been trapped deep within himself, and Soulburner and Flame realized that Lightning had been the one to give "Judgment Arrows" to Bohman and was thus behind the destruction of the Cyberse.

Suddenly, Soulburner was nearly attacked, and accused Gore of attacking him during the Duel. Suddenly, the radar showed more opponents approaching, to which Varis swore he would show them no mercy. DA Muro. As Theodore admitted he'd never expected to work with the Knights of Hanoi and he and Yusaku discussed the differences between humans and A.I., Theodore suggested that it might be impossible for humans and A.I.

Bohman nevertheless respected Soulburner, claiming the latter should feel proud for executing this strategy.

Flame watched as Soulburner became paralyzed by the fear from the Lost Incident memories.

Playmaker regrouped with Soulburner, Blue Maiden and Ghost Gal, and sensed Lightning beyond the portal. Soulburner watched the duel, and was shocked when Ai played "Judgment Arrows".

Soulburner also noticed Playmaker having logged in, and became pleased by his arrival. Organization He realized he wouldn't accomplish anything by defeating Varis like that.

Soulburner wished to fight the "real" Gore, even if he also had a reason to win the Duel. Theodore reassured Kolter that he would protect Yusaku and help bring back Jin. He tributed "Quadborrel Dragon", to grant the former immunity to activated card effects and placed two counters on the Trap. However, it did notice a strange presence recently.

Roboppy became displeased that Soulburner was regaining the advantage, as he Link Summoned "Salamangreat Balelynx", then used it and "Sunlight Wolf" to Link Summon "Salamangreat Heatleo". True to his persona, Theodore is a fiery passionate duelist who views dueling as a way to regain himself, after losing a part of himself because of the experiments done to him by the Hanoi Knights.

Flame replied that he didn't hate Windy, since he was now different, and asked what had changed inside him.[37]. Soulburner wanted to wrap things quickly: "Salamangreat Shrine" allowed him to Reincarnate Link Summon "Salamangreat Heatleo".
Soulburner was surprised that Bohman would rely on luck, who proudly exclaimed he was a part of LINK VRAINS, and luck was a part of him. After the Gore's defeat, Playmaker gave Aqua the "G Golem Crystal Heart" card back, as it is the only thing Ai managed to retrieve from the Gore. Blue Maiden mentioned that Ghost Gal stayed in new LINK VRAINS, to report to Akira in case of a disaster. Soulburner noted Gore put a lot of effort into dueling, but reminded Soulburner also had a reason for winning. Flame did not wish to be called Ai's friend, seeing that Ignis cowering in fear. would be explaining every little effect, and Flame told him not to allow Shepherd to set the pace of the Duel. Theodore walked away, as the bully thought of a plan to take revenge on Theodore. Kris' Soulburner might just be their best cosplay to date, but it's hard to decide with their other incredible Yu-Gi He is one of the victims of the Lost Incident, and he is partnered with an Ignis, Flame, whom he is the Origin of. [39] Soulburner became surprised when Bohman used "Cubic Hydradrive Lord" to Link Summon a Link-4 monster. To help Windy out, Playmaker agreed to defeat the intruders - Blue Girl and Ghost Girl, whom they later intercepted.

It’s hard to believe that this actually has to count as a loss for Yugi. [7], Varis launched an attack to Cyberse with three of his "Cracking Dragons". Realizing that The Shepherd was trying to exploit his trauma, but that he was unaware that Soulburner had largely overcome it, Soulburner acted traumatized by the monster, which Shepherd duplicated using his "Duplicate Drones".

After the fight with Lightning and Bohman was over, Theodore still bore a grudge against Ryoken when the latter still viewed the Ignis as a threat, and vowed to settle things with him. Organization On their way, Soulburner passed Kolter's program to Playmaker, to let Kolter check on them. Soulburner returned "Miragestallio" to revive "Jack Jaguar", and use it to Link Summon "Salamangreat Balelynx". Using "Salamangreat Sanctuary", Soulburner made another Reincarnation Link Summon of "Salamangreat Heatleo", which lowered the ATK of Go's "Dinowrestler King T Wrextle" to 800. Takeru promised, while Flame described Takeru as soft, but a boy capable of Dueling. Blue Gal intended to show the power of her new Trickstars, too. Education [46], Soulburner continued to Duel one of Ai's copies. [28], Soulburner commented how easily Shepherd had cornered Lightning, as Flame stated he had a big advantage.
Soulburner became frustrated, for he had nothing else left to stop "Laundry Dragon". Windy called this lame, but Flame reminded him the Ignis were created out the children's endurance towards the despair.

He told Windy they'd exceed his expectations by not being weak. Soulburner commented how Windy used their card to his advantage, while the Ignis planned on defeating him in the next turn. Flame supported Soulburner, who activated Burning Draw skill to draw a card. Flame saw Blue Girl continued to develop herself.

Intrigued by the prospect, Theodore met up with Kiku to read about them on her tablet, and he learned that Playmaker was a hero of LINK VRAINS, as were The Gore and Blue Angel. Still, he welcomed Theodore and Flame. Ghost Gal then returned, amazed by the Duel's outcome and aware she wouldn't be able to go any further without her partner. Still, Flame exclaimed if Theodore were to find Playmaker, he would seek his path, advising to seek him out in LINK VRAINS by going to Den City. Lightning went to trap Soulburner and Specter, but Flame used Kolter's program: he created a sphere to protect them from that attack, and flinged some of it to Playmaker and Ai to free them. Young Theodore learning about his parents death. Although he teases him at times about his dueling abilities and his poor hacking skills, Flame is very close to Theodore as they take on challenges together.

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