We need your help to playtest Unbroken!

April 27 update: we had excellent playtester response and have surpassed 70 games logged in a week.
Thank you to all putting in the effort – look forward to hearing more feedback!

As of Apr 17, 2017 Unbroken is in a public blind testing phase to make sure the game works well and all elements of it are balanced. We are inviting everyone to create a Print and Play version of the current Unbroken prototype and share your experiences playing it. Read the instructions below on how to participate:

  1. Download this file (Full Game Print and Play) and cut out all the components. You should have:
    1. A Time Tracker, a Resource Tracker, an Effort Tracker, a General Actions Sheet and a Bonus Time Sheet.
    2. 5 Character Sheets
    3. 20 Monster Sheets (5 Monsters for each of the 4 Levels)
    4. 20 Skill Cards
    5. 8 Condition Cards
    6. 84 Encounter Cards
    7. 7 Weapon Cards

There is no need to mark the backs of the cards as there is not that many components to keep track of. Majority of card piles can be kept face-up.

In addition to the print-outs you will need small tokens that you can use to mark the amount of resources you have. You will need 16 of these tokens as well as a single 6-sided die. These are used as shown below:


  1. You can download the full game rules here. Read these through before you play, it is a fairly breezy read.

During the game, I suggest you refer to this flowchart to remind you of the flow of the game.

  1. Preparing for your first game. Set out the game components in the following way (detailed instructions on p3 of the rules):
    1. Conditions Deck (face up)
    2. Monster Deck (1 randomly selected Monster of each Level, face down, Level 1 on top, 4 on bottom)
    3. Skills Deck (face down) – this will only be used once per Level as you gain new Skills
    4. Encounter Deck (face down) – this will be used regularly. It’s the larger deck.
    5. Lay out the Bonus Time, Time Tracker, General Actions Sheet, Effort Tracker, Resource Tracker, your selected Character Sheet and your Bare Hands Weapon as indicated. Place tokens to indicate your starting resources (13 Small Effort only on Medium – see p8 of rules for Easy/Hard mode setup).
  2. You will likely want to start playing on Easy to learn the game but the real game happens on Medium. If you feel comfortable do try the Hard difficulty but at the moment Medium testing is the top priority.
  3. It is absolutely crucial that you record your plays. Please use this form to record the result of each game. Recording your results ensures the data from your plays impacts the future state of the game.
  1. I would like to hear from testers as much as possible. Please send your impressions of the game to . Or just say hi and introduce yourself! I will sometimes send update e-mails to the testers – if you’d like to receive these – please send an e-mail to the address above so that I could add you to the list.
  2. I encourage you to share your playtesting and impressions about the game on social media as much as possible. While doing so please keep in mind that about half of the art used in the prototype is placeholder only (most of the monster art for levels 1-3 has been created specifically for Unbroken). If you do share your thoughts – please tag our social media channels.
  3. We expect the current testing phase to last until end of May 2017. Please get in touch and let us know if you want to be involved with the project in some way in the future.

Thank you for playtesting Unbroken! We truly appreciate it!