Altema Games creates unique, engaging and approachable board games to bring people together. We share the passion for the hobby and aim to enrich it by designing and delivering quality product to our customers. You can reach us:

Artem Safarov - Portrait

Artem Safarov, Founder and Game Designer

Artem has a powerful passion for games, numbers and the creative process. He cherishes opportunities to combine mathematical models with a well-applied theme to create unique and memorable gaming moments. In his experience as a Game Master for RPGs, Artem learned that setting the stage and mood of any game will have a dramatic effect on players’ enjoyment. His professional experience as a project manager helps keep all Altema work on track. Artem’s current main role is as a father to a rapidly growing 3-year old Alan.
Favourite games: Lords of Waterdeep, Eldritch Horror, Middle Earth Quest, Robinson Crusoe, Space Hulk: Death Angel.


Alina Marchewka, Lead Designer

Alina is the visual genius who put all of the graphic component of Cauldron together into the beautiful whole. She is passionate about art, comedy, and being active. Outside of work she enjoys road biking, hiking, traveling, freelancing, swimming, baking delicious things, collaborating with creative people, filming with any camera she can get her hands on, and occasionally day dreaming about a beautiful life on a beach with unlimited access to Wi-Fi. You can check out more of her work on her website or her Vimeo channel.
Favourite games: Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders, Carcassonne, Game of Thrones: the Board Game, Pandemic.