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Why Must My Hero Die?

Note that this post on character mortality contains heavy spoilers and should not be read by anyone who is not completely caught up on the Game of Thrones TV Show. Awesome battlefield image courtesy of

Ask anyone who follows the Game of Thrones on TV – What were the most memorable moments from the show? The answer will undoubtedly be

Healing, damage and role of combat in RPGs

Have you tried playing a D&D campaign without a cleric in the party? What about an online game of Elder Scrolls without someone following an eso templar guide? Fought a dragon with only a squad of tanks, thinking each blow is but a scratch? The possibility is unsettling with the number of players, both tabletop and computer RPG, missing out on crucial setups in their group. And what could be the most important setup than a healing/buffing character?

This article describes the necessities of magical healing in RPGs – removing unnecessary down time it takes for cracked rib to heal, avoiding annoying penalties because you have a hole in your stomach and the like.

Competitive vs. cooperative

Any time you read a description of the game, among the first descriptors to be applied – before theme, before number of players, before play time – is whether the game is a co-op or involves competition. Rightly so, as arguably it is this attribute that has the most impact on the player experience. Lets compare, then, what each format brings to the table before judging their merit: