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2016 Gaming: My family’s top games

I am very fortunate in that my wonderful wife and son share the board gaming hobby with me and put up with my constant suggestions to move around pieces of cardboard following arcane rules. Last year was great in terms of family gaming and I wanted to list the games that worked best so that we can look back to appreciate the year that was and hopefully provide some helpful suggestions to other families out there.

2016 Gaming: Top 10 games I enjoyed

Let’s take a look back at the 2016 in gaming – the first list will go over the games I enjoyed most. I do not play enough games to only limit it to those released this year, so instead – I look back at the games that I had most fun with this year, regardless of when these were released.

Work & Play – Top 10 games for workplace lunchtime gaming

Board games are an amazing way to spend time together over an engaging activity. You get to know the people you play with, you get to use your head and most importantly – you have a good time and share some laughs. Some companies keep things digital with some minecraft hosting servers for everyone to be on during lunch, but having an offline option doesn’t hurt. Having a regular gaming gaming group at work (we play every Friday over lunch) was really good for my team at work – the connections you make over a board game easily transfer into effective collaboration on work projects. Plus, unlike most corporately mandated team building – it is actually fun and completely voluntary. This blog post lists Top 10 games to play in such a situation based on a poll of our gaming group – hope this will be helpful for folks out there trying to do something similar!