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2015 gaming by the numbers

I love games. I also love data analysis! Combining these – you get some neat numerical analysis of my gaming habits and preferences in the past year. Enjoy!

Top 10 games I enjoyed in 2015

Ah, 2015 has been an amazing year for me in terms of gaming. Since I love looking back and ordered list – of course I am going to put together a Top 10 list! A quick note – I do not play nearly enough games to create a list that would only contain games published IN 2015, so instead I am updating my general “games I enjoyed most” ranking from last year. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Patchwork review: elegance in simplicity

Combining things effectively can be tough. Like fitting several eccentric shapes in a small square. Or mixing several mechanics in gameplay for a rewarding yet brisk experience. Underneath Patchwork’s cozy, appealing presentation, there is a great multitude of gears whirring into motion with each turn. The game does an exceptional job satisfying both those who just want to sew cutesy patches onto a blanket as well as those who want to dig deep into the gears to find out what makes this complex mechanism tick. So what makes this small box a must-own for a gaming couple?

Ticket to Ride Europe: new thrills for train fans

After the phenomenal success of the 2004 Ticket to Ride, expansions were all but guaranteed. Days of Wonder did not disappoint, producing Ticket to Ride: Europe in 2005. The game carefully maintains all the light appealing gameplay that made the original so popular while adding component upgrades and a few new mechanics to keep things fresh. While not all additions are welcome the overall game, combined with an exciting new map is a definite improvement and sure to extend the enjoyment you get out of the railroad laying competition.

10х10 – A 2015 update

10×10 challenge is meant to combat the cult of the new by making sure you pick 10 games from your collection and play them at least 10 times within a year. This approach is meant to encourage in-depth familiarity with your favourite games. While I cheated a little bit by not writing out my list in advance – by the end of September I did play 10 games 10 or more times and wanted to summarize my impressions of these after repeated plays.

Imperial Settlers review: Cute civilizations for fans of complexity

Imperial Settlers from the accomplished polish designer Ignacy Trzewiczek is a game that has a lot going for it – high quality cutesy visuals, smart system of modeling an ancient civilization and a rewarding feeling of your plans coming to fruition. The game may seem to have universal appeal, however its true complexity becomes apparent by midway point and threatens to overwhelm the less experienced. It is a good game that knows its audience and doesn’t bother reaching beyond it. Grab a shovel and come along – let’s explore and take a closer look!